Generic Viagra (Sildenafil)


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Why generic drugs ?

Generic drugs are medications that by law have the same active ingredients as the original brand name medications. Generic drugs must keep the same strict standards of the original drugs but they cost much less. This affiliate website is a result of our awareness to the growing demand for high quality discount drugs.


What information regarding generic drugs are available on the website ?

Our team provides updated information and reduced prices for men's health drugs ( like generic Viagra ), cholesterol reducing medications , osteoporosis medications , generic pain relief , anti - bacterial drugs , stop - smoking drugs and anti – depressant medications. Both prescription and over - the-counter drugs will be dispatched to you from well experienced, authorized pharmacists that we are collaborating with.


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  • Attention!

    Remember that no medicine is for everyone. If you use nitrate drugs, often used to control chest pain (also known as angina), don’t take VIAGRA. This combination could cause your blood pressure to drop to an unsafe or life-threatening level. Be sure to ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity.

    If you are older than age 65, or have serious liver or kidney problems, your doctor may start you at the lowest dose (25 mg) of Viagra. If you are taking protease inhibitors, such as for the treatment of HIV, your doctor may recommend a 25-mg dose and may limit you to a maximum single dose of 25 mg of Viagra in a 48 hour period.

    The most common side effects of VIAGRA are headache, facial flushing, and upset stomach. Less commonly bluish vision, blurred vision, or sensitivity to light may briefly occur.